Childhood never ends

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me: i love [favorite fictional character] so much
friend: ok
me: no you dont understand
"No! I am NOT leaving him here!".

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Saved some progress steps on the way ^^
Finished image is here

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Ok but Albino Night Furies. Not white Night Furies, but albino, more like a snake.
Ive wanted to do this for a while and I was talking with howtotrainyourbabyboo about stuff like albino and peid and different coloration on dragons and I was like OKAY I HAVE TO DO THIS. I tried something different with the shading here and I don’t really like it.  The markings and colors are inspired by Albino (and lavender albino) Ball Pythons and Toothless’s own markings.  

Oh my gods jack it looks fantastic!! I really hope you started something and now people will be drawing beautiful dragons with mutations!

And thank you ;v;

I own an albino corn snake and can appreciate how nicely this is done


I just wanted to draw a certain little viking

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Based off of timebenderss gif set

I know Jack has that whole ice thing going on, but when I was trying to get that to work his movements and personality seemed more like an airbenders (You can’t fight firebenders with -fun-) Plus the cloak and staff transfer over well as the airbender outfit and glider (I might also have bias with air types u_u) If you want to get really dark he can also be super lonely and the last of his kinda ahahah. ha. ha.

Plus I really liked the idea of Rapunzel being an incredibly powerful healer and can waterbend her hair like a whip. Maybe she saved Jack from near death and that’s why his hair is also white?

Hiccup I see as coming from a town or family full of buff earthbenders and he’s either really bad at it or the first nonbender in the fam.

And Merida would be from a family of Mai’s status but she runs off to practice with the YuYan archers. Maybe it’s a family tradition to dye their hair red with something like henna.

(Also let’s not do the fighting over houses thing with this, mad respect to other people’s Nations headcanon, though feel free to let me know what you think!)

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by ミンメ [also on pixiv]
※Posted with the artist’s permission.

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"Tuhon aika on tullut. Onnettomuus on täällä." - Piisamirotta, filosofi

yhdelle pikkuleivälle on silti aikaa

Jack Frost.  Created in Adobe Photoshop.
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